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"The heart of the intelligent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge."                       -Proverbs 18:15

Curriculum encompasses a number of contributing factors that have a direct impact on a student’s academic experience.  These factors include:

  • Curriculum standards: used to guide and direct student learning, specifically outlining what students are to understand and the skills they are expected to demonstrate for a particular learning target.

  • Pedagogical approach: the methods and practices incorporated into a teacher’s instructional approach and students’ learning experience.

  • Assessment: student learning is monitored by incorporating a breadth of assessment practices that not only provide a “snapshot” of a student’s learning progress but are also used by teachers to inform their instructional practices so as to foster students’ continued growth and development.

  • Resources: the textbooks, digital resources, literature, technology, and more that are used by the classroom teacher to best support their instruction of the curriculum standards and students’ learning experience.

  • Advanced Technology: 1:1 Student to Computer Ratio; State of the Art Wireless Computer Facility; Advanced Technology in Classrooms— computers, LCD Projectors, document cameras are used to supplement daily instruction; Students produce documents, graphs,  brochures, PowerPoint presentations to enhance oral/ written reports; Average 4th grader types 30 WPM with 96% accuracy

All Catholic schools in the Diocese of Kalamazoo, Pre-Kindergarten thru Twelfth Grade, use the established curricula and related materials promoted by the Diocese through the Office of Schools.

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